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Highline Center For Vision Performance

Highline Center For Vision Performance


We specialize in vision performance enhancement
for learning, career success and sports excellence.

Undiagnosed vision problems can impact family and individual relationships. We listen to you! And work with you to define, achieve and exceed your goals. HCVP has helped thousands of children and adults overcome visual deficiencies, as well as boost academic, career and athletic performance. We also successfully treat patients with crossed eyes and help rehabilitate visual systems affected by brain injuries. Our therapists and doctors bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, commitment and passion to each patient’s unique Vision Therapy program.

Is your child struggling with school?

Are you having trouble keeping up with work and school demands?

Do you want to enhance your sports performance?

Have you had a brain injury/concussion and are still experiencing symptoms?

I used to get headaches when I would try to read. I thought my eyes would never get better. Now the headaches are gone and I love to read. I also write better and faster. My eyes are now better and I am happy I graduated!

— analise, 11

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