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Vision therapy has given me the hope to read a book again following a head injury a little over a year ago.

—  M.H. age 43


Everything you do in rehabilitation after an acquired brain injury requires visual function!

There is a vital connection between the brain and vision. A brain injury such as a blow to the head or a stroke can interrupt the visual process in any number of areas. This causes the stream of information to be impeded or distorted. Unfortunately, visual problems from brain injuries often go unnoticed during the early treatment phase of the injury. Unidentified or neglected visual problems could impair rehabilitation in all areas.

There are many symptoms caused by a brain injury: intolerance of visually crowded spaces, light sensitivity, short term memory problems, dizziness/nausea, reading issues (such as reduced comprehension, words appear to move on the page), blurriness, headaches, lack of concentration, double vision, etc. When visual problems go undetected and untreated after a brain injury, patients and their families experience terrible frustration because other rehabilitation methods are proving less effective than hoped.

The rehabilitation process must include an evaluation of the visual system and treatment of visual problems. The optometrists at Highline Center for Vision Performance work as an integral part of the rehabilitation team to help the brain injured patient. Vision problems related to brain injuries can be radically reduced or successfully eliminated, helping the rest of rehabilitation go more smoothly. Call today to schedule an evaluation.

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