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Every Program Is Customized For Your Success

At Highline Center for Vision Performance, we are passionate about developing vision skills so people can live to their full potential. Every day we are helping children overcome visual deficiencies so they can learn easily and helping adults break through visual barriers so they can finally pursue their dreams without limitations.

Our Vision Therapy Services

Vision Therapy Technology

Highline Vision Center prides itself on offering effective vision therapy screenings and programs using the finest technology available.
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Vision Therapy for Struggling Students

With proper diagnosis and Vision Therapy programs, reading levels, comprehension, and event negative behaviors can significantly improve.
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Vision is a Learned Skill

Vision is a learned skill that develops along with other skills as a baby grows. Vision therapy can help this development in a many different situations.
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Free Vision & Learning Screening

At Highline, we provide complimentary Vision and Learning Screenings ($125 value) by appointment.
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Sports Vision Training

We recognize that even players with 20/20 visual acuity can drastically enhance their performance with sports vision training.
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Higher Education and Career Performance

When moving into higher education or a new career, your visual processing ability and efficiency will increasingly determine one’s success.
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Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Everything you do in rehabilitation after an acquired brain injury requires visual function! Vision therapy can be an integral part of this rehabilitation.
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Treating Crossed, Wandering or Lazy Eyes

Vision therapy is a structured program that can help improve eye coordination related to strabismus or amblyopia.
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Cultivating Early Vision Development

Vision kills develop over time and if these skills do not develop normally they could substantially interfere with a child’s ability to learn.
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