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Since 1982 Highline Center for Vision Performance has been positively impacting lives through vision therapy. We have helped thousands of children and adults overcome visual deficiencies, as well as boost academic, career and athletic performance.

Our Vision Therapy programs are led by a team of specialists, all of whom are nationally certified in Vision Therapy. This team has extensive experience working with patients who have developmental and acquired vision conditions. Additionally, the progress of every patient is overseen by one of our optometrists, all of whom are board certified in Vision Therapy.

This same care and expertise is also available to athletes who wish to enhance their sports performance and professionals who want to excel in the workplace. Visual skills can be trained and improved to allow an athlete or business person to take in more information and process it faster to make quicker decisions.

In order to constantly improve our vision therapy program our doctors and therapists have a monthly study group meeting where we investigate new research and technology, explore and develop new therapy techniques, and collaborate on individual cases. In addition, we put high value on continuous learning by attending annual continuing education courses outside our office.

Our Vision Therapy Staff

Denise Gibson, B.S., C.O.V.T.

Director of Vision Therapy, Operations Manager

Denise joined Highline in August of 1985 shortly after moving from Southern California to Colorado. Her background in teaching made her a great fit for the practice’s expanding Vision Therapy program. From the beginning she enjoyed connecting with patients, their families, and staff members. She also enjoyed the opportunity to become a lifelong learner.  As she soon discovered, there is always more to know or a new way to put your knowledge to work. She partnered with other staff members to develop the current Vision and Learning Screening that Highline provides to countless individuals. Her organizational expertise has been instrumental in the development of the extensive Home Therapy Program that complements Highline’s in-office vision therapy.

“I find the most rewarding part of my position at Highline Center for Vision Performance comes from those moments when I know I am giving a patient or a family hope that they have not found elsewhere.  This includes explaining the process, testing, consulting, and answering countless questions.  I want to be sure every Vision Therapy patient has all the necessary tools to be successful!”

In her free time Denise enjoys spending time with her large extended family that includes 9 grandchildren.  She also loves to garden, quilt, and try new recipes.  She enjoys spending time outdoors exploring our beautiful state of Colorado!

Nancy Stevens, B.A., C.O.V.T.

Educator, Vision Therapist

Nancy’s career as a member of the Highline Team has spanned nearly 40 years. As a Title One reading teacher she became aware of the importance of good visual skills. She was led to behavioral optometry when her son was struggling with reading for no apparent reason. Little did she know that passing a vision screening in school or at the pediatrician had nothing to do with the skills necessary for reading. After completing his course of vision therapy, she was amazed at what a stellar reader he had become! The entire experience was life altering by relieving stress for him and his family.

“Vision therapy changed my career path and has given me a life of purpose and incredible joy. I am an educator teaching parents and students how visual skills and learning are totally connected. To see the transformations of the patients as they develop new confidence and reach their potential has given me my life’s mission beyond my imagination. A day at Highline fills my heart and soul. I will be forever grateful for the gift of knowledge the doctors have given me to impact the lives of our patients.”

Outside of Highline, Nancy enjoys travel with her husband of 53 years and daily walks with their pup, Mc Duff. She feels truly blessed to have her children and grandchildren living in the area.

Nicole Ferreyros, B.S., C.O.V.T.

Vision Therapist

Nicole journeyed into the field of eye care in 2005. From a young age Nicole was intrigued by the eyes and fascinated by how the visual system worked. She started her career in optometry as a receptionist. She quickly fell in love with the field and within a year became an optician. While continuing to work, Nicole was also going to school to obtain her bachelor’s degree from MSU Denver. In 2012, Nicole received her baccalaureate in Chemistry. Soon after graduation, the world of Vision Therapy was introduced to her and Nicole instantly knew this field was a perfect fit for her. In order to follow her dream of becoming a vision therapist, Nicole moved from Denver to Houston to start working toward her Certification in Vision Therapy. In 2019, Nicole achieved this goal and became a Certified Optometric Vision Therapist. She has since moved back home to Denver in order to be closer to her family. She joined the staff of Highline Center for Vision Performance in January of 2020.

“I love seeing the impact vision therapy can make on a patient’s personality and life. Working at Highline has rewarded me with the opportunity to work one on one with my patients from start to finish. I love being able to develop lasting relationships with the patients and their families and watch their transformations!”

In her free time, Nicole enjoys spending time spoiling her two nephews, hiking with her rescue dog, Tobi, practicing yoga and rock climbing.

Nadia Brown B.A.

Vision Therapist

Nadia joined the team early in 2021. She moved here from Australia where she worked as part of the StEPS (Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening) program as a Vision Screener at local schools. She recently became a US Citizen and now calls Colorado home.

Through her work with the team at Highline, she is able to take that knowledge and passion for working with children to the next level.

“I love working with young children and being part of such a life-changing program.”

In her spare time, Nadia enjoys road trips (she is working her way across America), hiking and doing puzzles.

Tracy Downing, B.S.

Patient Care Coordinator

Tracy is a patient care coordinator for Highline Center for Vision Performance and also supports the staff of Highline Vision Center.  She joined the Highline team in 2017.  Tracy is a military veteran having served 4 years in the U.S. Navy and 17 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Before coming to Highline, she spent many years working in a memory care facility assisting our aging generation. Tracy holds a Bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.

“It is especially rewarding to be a part of a team that is passionate about creating positive change in the lives of so many individuals.”

Tracy likes walking her 5 dogs whenever she has free time.  It is extra special when one of her daughters joins her. She also enjoys jogging or doing yoga in the morning before the craziness of the day begins. For Tracy, a great Saturday night is one spent at the Pepsi Center watching her Colorado Avalanche Hockey Team!

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