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I came for sports vision therapy and even though I was in honors classes, I found I was a very slow reader. In fact, I would not have been able to keep my baseball scholarship if I had not become a faster reader. Having a sports scholarship is like having a full-time job!

—  Ty, age 18

Vision Training Builds Better Athletes

Performing well gives an athlete more enjoyment of their sport, no matter what level – weekend warrior, amateur or professional. Highline Center for Vision Performance recognizes that even players with 20/20 visual acuity or those who already do well at their sport can drastically enhance their performance.

The key to making an average athlete better, making a good athlete outstanding, and making a great athlete elite is our personalized sports vision training program. Highline Center for Vision Performance offers a complete assessment of sports related visual abilities and designs an individualized program to help players better succeed at or even dominate their sport through development of competitive visual skills. Customized and tailored for the needs of each athlete and their sport, Highline Vision Center uses the latest techniques to boost performance, improve focus, increase confidence and lessen anxiety.

Performing with trained focus conserves energy for making the right calls, throwing and catching more accurately, perhaps even running faster with more dexterity. Visual skills can be trained and improved to allow an athlete to take in more information and process it faster to make quicker decisions. That advantage can be the difference in your game. Elevate your performance – Call today for a comprehensive evaluation.

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