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Strabismus is a condition where the eyes are misaligned. This may happen occasionally or may be constant. It is estimated up to 5% of children have strabismus and they will not grow out of it. While it is best to initiate treatment as soon as possible for an optimal visual outcome, strabismus in adults is still treatable. The effects of strabismus if left untreated include reduced 3D vision, double vision, suppression (the brain ignoring the input coming from the misaligned eye), amblyopia (lazy eye) and low self esteem.

Vision therapy is a structured program of optometric procedures prescribed to improve the coordination of the two eyes. For additional information, call our office and request a brochure.


Amblyopia, often called “lazy eye”, is a treatable disorder of vision development that begins during infancy and early childhood. With amblyopia, an otherwise healthy eye is unable to achieve normal visual acuity (20/20) even with glasses or contact lenses. In addition to poor visual acuity, people with amblyopia are more likely to have difficulties with eye-hand coordination, clumsiness, reading, depth perception and understanding what is seen.

The latest research demonstrates that binocular vision therapy is the most effective long-term solution for amblyopia. Full time patching is rarely the best option for treatment of mild to moderate amblyopia. If patching is indicated, most cases of amblyopia will show improvement with just 2 hours of fogged patching per day in combination with specific visually stimulating activities. For additional resources, please visit www.amblyopiaproject.com or call our office and request a brochure.

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