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  • Understanding Your Health Benefits

    Don’t lose your Flexible Spending Account benefits! Learn more about your FSA benefits by reading more or giving our office a call.

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  • Should I Go to the Emergency Room for an Eye Emergency?

    If you had an eye health emergency today, do you know where to go for the best and most efficient care? We’ve all had health emergencies arise at one point in time and in most cases rushing to the urgent care or emergency room is appropriate. However, if the health issue is regarding your eyes

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  • The Importance of a Yearly Eye Exam

    We may be biased, but we think vision is the greatest of the five senses! The only way to guarantee you will see your best year after year is by scheduling a comprehensive eye exam today!

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  • What is Myopia Control?

    Myopia is becoming more and more common. Learn more about these four options for myopia control in children.

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  • GMAC Launches ‘Little Kid License’ Myopia Campaign with Fun Video

    We just love this new video created by the Global Myopia Awareness Coalition! The campaign urges parents to recognize that one-in-three kids have myopia (nearsightedness), yet parents are unaware because they do not bring kids in for annual comprehensive eye exams.

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  • When K-12 Academic Challenges Arise, This Exam is Essential

    The American Optometric Association reports that 1 in 4 children have a vision issue that negatively impacts learning. Even children with “perfect vision” can still struggle academically because other aspects of the visual system are not perfect. This makes 20/20 vision only one measure of the visual system.

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