Scary Truth About Costume Contact Lenses

Woman wearing ice blue costume contactsFall is in the air and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a great time to start planning costumes for you and your family. What better way to perfect your look than costume contacts! While they can make or break your costume, contact lenses worn without a prescription can cause serious harm to your eyes.

woman wearing costume contact lensesIt’s important to remember that all contact lenses, whether you wear them for a few hours at a party or every day, are considered medical devices. The FDA requires that the lenses be evaluated by an eye care professional to ensure they are a proper, healthy fit on your eyes before you wear them. The consequences of ignoring this rule can be terrifying.

In today’s world, it is extremely easy to find costume lenses online or even at gas stations and costume shops. While it may be cheap at the time, it can lead to dangerous eye infections, allergic reactions and costly medications to try to help your eyes heal. In some situations, an eye infection caused by unregulated contact lenses and the solutions they are stored in can lead to permanent loss of vision. NEVER use a contact lens purchased without a prescription – it is illegal and not a risk worth taking.

man in halloween makeup wearing costume contact lenses

Costume Contacts Available

But don’t worry! We want you to have a show-stopping outfit and fabulous night. We offer a variety of FDA approved contact lenses that are safe for you to wear and enjoy. Our Gothika Custom contact lenses are available in over 50 designs to complete your look. Planning to be a White Walker this Halloween? Try “Ice Walker”- your gaze will be chilling! We have a variety available from “Yellow Cat” to “Hulk” and everything in between.  Orders must be placed by October 13th to make sure we’ll have them in time for Halloween, so don’t wait! Call to schedule your fitting today.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!